The Grammar Group is a group of eight people who correct grammar and spelling mistakes. They also notify the administrators of users who tend to edit with bad grammar and spelling. Those users will get blocked if two admins agree. They will be blocked for one week. The members of the group also get rollback rights.

Election Process

The first eight will be elected by Prillin101. If any slot opens Prillin101 will elect the members until the community has more than 10 people. Then if any slots open then the member to fill that slot will be chosen by community consensus.

To be nominated (does not apply when Prillin101 is choosing) another member must nominate you. You must accept the nomination and then it will be up to the wiki. If you use a sockpuppet account to nominate you, you will be blocked for a month and unable to become and admin or Grammar Group member.


The setup of power in the Grammar Group is like this.

2 Leaders- Their are two leaders who both have to agree to banish a member from the group. For someone to get blocked because of bad spelling and grammar one leader must approve of notifying an administrator.

6 Other Members- The six other members search the wiki for bad spelling and grammar, then correct it. They also notify one of the two leaders of users who tend to use bad spelling and grammar.

Current Elections and Members


Prillin101- One of the Leaders


No elections right now, members to be chosen by Prillin101