Proffesor Flitwick Is the charms teacher at Hogwarts. He also is the head of Ravenclaw. He is half goblin and very short.


When Flitwick went to school he most likely was from Ravenclaw because he is the head of Ravenclaw. He was born from either a goblin mom and human dad or the other way around. He then left Hogwarts on his graduation day and at some poin in his life became a professor at Hogwarts. He either became a Charms professor when he joined or whent from one teaching to Charms professor. Then at some point in his life while he was the Charms Teacher he became the Head of Ravenclaw.


Flitwick is very nice and rewarding for ingenius actions. Flitwick is usually very happy and he is never shown being jealous or being a showoff in the books. Flitwick loves all students and Quidditch games.

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