Fanon Rules

You must have good grammer and spelling.

Not accepted, Terrible: Dumbledore wiz shotting his wand energy thing at Voldemort. Vold. jump in in the aiiiiir and wingardium leviosisi'd Dumbledore.

Not Accepted, Bad: Dumbledore was blasted his enery at valdimort. Voldimort dodgeieds and shot power at Dumbledore.

Accepted, Good: Dumbledore shot a stream of energy at Voldemort. But the evasive Voldemort evaded Dumbledores power and attempted to use crucio on Dumbledore.

Loves, Qualified for Awards: Dumbledore cursed Voldemort with a blue, magnificent spell. But clever old Voldemort evaded the genius Dumbledore's curse. But retorted with his own spell, the great Wingardium Leviosa.

The Fanon Universe as we call it is very liberal. But will accept only good grammar and spelling. For your page to be considered a fanon you must have fanon in the categories

Fanon's cannot have characters from other books, animes, or shows in the fanon. You may also not use a character of specially designed picture from another fanon unless you get their permission.

If your making a page about a fake character you must write after the name in parenthesis (ABC)