Election Process

Until this wiki gets more than 8 regular users Prillin101 will choose, but here is the election process when this wiki gets more than 8 regular users.

First the person will be nominated, by someone besides themselves. Then a current administrator will message the nominee and ask to post under the nomination that they accept or deny. Then after 3 people have been nominated the wiki will vote. You can either say support or oppose. After one week time, the person with the most votes wins, but if they have lets say 3 votes and 8 opposes, they will have -5 votes. After that they will be granted Admin rights.

For the Grammar Group you will have to be nominated. After four people are nominated the two leaders and the buerecrat will debate it over. If they have more opposesers over voters they will be denied rights. For a Grammar Group leader to be nominated they will be chosen by the rest of the group. No nominations, only people within the group can be allowed in.

Election Rules

You must have 120 edits to be nominated

You must have 80 edits to nominate

You must have 10 edits to vote

Any use of threatining another user into voting for you or anything that will help you or anoher user in the elections will get you blocked for 5 months and banishment from ever being nominated for administrator, buerecrat, or Grammar Group.

Use of Sockpupptery to vote many times or nominate yorself or many people will get you a 5 month block and banishment from ever being nominated for administrator, buerecrat, or Grammar Group

Current Elections


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